Barbara & Richard TownsendK.A.R.E., Inc.
Kat Adoption Rescue Education

P. O. Box 5134 Edmeston, NY 13335
Phone (607) 965-2390
E-mail Address: kare.kats@verizon.net

A No-Kill Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) Organization

All donations are tax deductible as permitted by law.

If you can't get to the Edmeston Thrift Shop the next best thing is to browse our EBAY AUCTIONS! If you are searching for something please email us we may have it in the store!

Feral Cat Program

Traps available for loan.
Call for information on trapping, neutering and releasing of feral and stray cats in your area.
Be an active part of the solution!

Poem to Stray Cats and Kittens

Oh, what unhappy twist of fate
Has brought you, homeless, to my gate?
The gate where once another stood
To beg for shelter, warmth and food.

For from that day I ceased to be
the master of my destiny.
While he, with purr and velvet paw
Became within my house, The Law.

He scratched the furniture and shed
And claimed the middle of my bed.
He ruled with arrogance and pride
and broke my heart the day he died.

So if you really think, oh cat,
I'd willingly relive all that
Because you come, forlorn and thin,
Well...don't just stand there...
Come on in!!!